We know there are many books that you just do not know what to do with. The love of books seems endless however shelf space is limited. Books are heavy to move and who will take them? Your books will vanish when you schedule a pickup with the Book Wizards.


  • Local

    Books are great resources that can be used in our local community. We bring books to local libraries, little libraries, or schools at no cost. Are you in need of books? Let us know! We are excited to have books read. We are the delivery system.

  • Internet

    Have you ever hunted for something for years and then thought to look at eBay? This platform, as well as Amazon, allows us to deliver books to people who do not desire to go physically hunting for books. Our job is to get it there. We make books available.

  • Recycle

    Unfortunately, some books are no longer wanted for the material that they contain. However, there is hope for these books. With the power of recycling these books can be made into something new. We are the reanimators.

This is Us

From Harry Potter to Wizard of Oz, we have appreciated characters that seem to make things disappear and reappear. We do the same with books by providing a free book pickup service and a way for others to read the books . We know the joy and pain of building and culling our personal libraries. This struggle has given us a desire to help you.

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